I know it has been awhile since I have posted a blog, but make no mistake, I am always available.  My schedule is a tad more limited these days, but  I am indeed around and available.  I do prefer prebooked appointments, but understand if short notice is all you are [more...]
Hola gents! I will be starting to make small videos - only teasers!! Make sure to sign up for my Members Only in order to view.   xoxo, MarieLynn of DFW Your #1 DFW Escort and Companion [more...]
I understand life happens and things come up which is out of our control.  However, I do enforce a strict cancellation policy for everyone, old friend or new friend.  If you cancel WITHIN 24 hours, I will expect a 50% deposit of the total fee before you can reschedule with [more...]
Hey guys!  I have added some new pictures here in my Gallery from my photoshoot.  Enjoy! [more...]