Jun 12 2019

Hello Lovers and Friends,!

I know it has been awhile since I have posted a blog, but make no mistake, I am always available.  My schedule is a tad more limited these days, but  I am indeed around and available.  I do prefer prebooked appointments, but understand if short notice is all you are able to do.    I do have a few sexy mini-videos that I need to post to my Members Only section.  Life is going well and pleasant and I hope life finds you well and in good spirits and great health!   If you'd like to see me in the evenings, I do need a 12-24 hour advanced notice, in other words, I need to know in the morning or before noon.  The absolute best way to reach me is via text: 940-277-2336 (this is my public phone number) . If you have my private number, you are free to text me there.  When it comes to email, I do check it at least once a day, so text is much better to get ahold of me on.    

For ALL references, I must reiterate this fact, I will be a reference for you, if and ony if I have had a private date with you WITHIN 3 MONTHS.  This is important that you understand this.  If you ask me for a reference and it has been MORE than 3 months, I will most likely ignore the text and you will only get my auto-reply with my website which clearly states this fact.  Please BE RESPECTFUL of my rules.  My time is valuable just as yours is.  Let's use time wisely.  

I am available all over the DFW metroplex and beyond.  If you think you are too far away for me to come visit you, reconsider.  I will venture out and drive to you if you are 2 hours away.  I will require a deposit however.  If you are in another city and would like to fly me down, that works as well.  At this time, I only do day dates (morning to evening). 

For all current consideration, please see my website.  

I do recommend that you get prescreened with me first, so when the time comes and you want a short notice appointment, it will be easier to get access to me.  Preparation and communication is sexy.... what are you waiting for?  Send me your screening informationIf you are experienced hobbyist, please send me 2 Verified Provider references along with their contact info and something they will remember you by.   If you do not have any references, are new to the hobby or trying to get back into the hobby, please email me a thorough introduction of yourself, who you are, and your general interests, as well as your ideas for our date.  This will save time and we all know our time is valuable and precious.  I would appreciate your help! :)

With that said, I hope you have a successful week and enjoy life.  XOXO

Yours temporarily,

MarieLynn of DFW

Your Favorite DFW Escort